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About Us

We are a family run "farm" on 60 acres in beautiful Springville, Alabama with a bubbling creek running through our property. We raise both horses and dogs on our farm.

We strive to keep all our animals happy and healthy, and only choose to reproduce those individuals who meet our quality standards of excellence. Most of our Labrador Retrievers possess championship pedigrees, and they ALL have excellent temperaments. We OFA hip certify all our labs at either 12 months (prelim) or after 24 mos. In addition, the labs in our breeding program have excellent conformation. We have both English type and American type, but all have nice blocky heads.

Our labs have gone to show homes, hunt/field homes, and mostly, to loving pet homes. While many of our labs are "show quality", we do not show personally, and we have found many families are searching for the beautiful, classic, blocky Labrador Retriever "look" in a loving, personal pet. That is the primary niche we fill. Healthy, beautiful, loving labs who are versatile companions, family dogs, or show dogs.


We breed all colors, and believe it takes more than coat color to make a dog great. We have also found many people have definite preferences in color, when choosing a Lab. We have excellent breeding stock in all colors. Not only do we breed the traditional black, chocolate and yellow shades, but also those colors in the "rarer" shades. For many years,we have been breeding "white" labs (the lightest form of yellow). More recently, we have carefully selected labs who carry the "D" gene, or dilute gene, that also fit into our breeding program of excellence in conformation and temperament. They also, are OFA hip tested/certified. This color gene (when inherited as a pair) will lighten a typical chocolate lab into what is termed a "silver" lab. The same gene will lighten a black lab into a "charcoal" lab. If a yellow lab possesses 2 "D" genes, it is called a "champagne", but may be any shade of yellow, not necessarily a very light shade. Whites, champagne, silvers and charcoals are registered by AKC as yellow, chocolate, and black, and they are, in fact, lighter shades of those colors. A lab that is said to be a "carrier" of the silver gene ("D" gene) will look like a typically colored yellow, chocolate, or black. But if bred to another dog who carries the same gene, it can produce the silver or charcoal color in its offspring. The silver and charcoal "color" is only produced if the dog possesses two "D" genes, one from each parent.

Location/Contact info:

3584 AL HWY 174

SPRINGVILLE, AL 35146-6012

(205) 467-0258 home

[email protected]


Feel free to email anytime or call between 9am-9pm central time. Visits are by appointment only.

We make most appointments for visitors on weekends, though sometimes we are available for appointments during the week.